Hello!  My name is Ian and I am one half of Jacob Studios.
The other half (the better half) is my wife Sarah.

Now for a little of our history…

I grew up learning about photography from my father, who is a photographer himself.  I was often his subject, but also his assistant.  I learned quite a bit from him and one day hope to be as skilled an artisan as he is.  My wife Sarah grew up interested in more traditional art, drawing and painting.  The two of us met in art school, where we both majored in photography.  I asked her to model for me one day and the rest is history.  After we graduated we moved to West Palm Beach where I started working as a graphic designer, Sarah as a preschool teacher, and we ran our photography business together on the side.  In May of 2008 we purchased our first home!  An old Spanish style home, located in the historic district of West Palm Beach and built in 1925.  It has been completely restored and has plenty of beautiful spaces in which to photograph.  We love our home and find ourselves constantly thanking the Lord for such a blessing.

As for hobbies and what not… I love love love to surf!  Aside from my wife and photography, nothing gets me more stoked!  I also enjoy some long-board skateboarding when the surf is down.  Music is another big passion of mine.  I don’t play anything myself but I really enjoy going to concerts, smaller venues are a plus and discovering new music.  My wife still enjoys painting, she is currently working on a charcoal that will knock your socks off!  She enjoys just about any sort of craft too.  The both of us love to travel, however I think my travel bug is a little bigger than hers.  We are both members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) where we are able to continue our education in the art of photography.  PPA holds annual conventions where we get to see and hear about the latest and greatest in the industry.  They also hold competitions where we compete with other photographers from around the country.  My first year I took home 1st place in the digital manipulation category and 3 out of my total 4 entries earned merits.

We also love animals, we have a cat and 5 ferrets.  Now, before you start thinking about all the bad things you have heard about them, let me stop you right there.  Ferrets do not smell, unless you don’t bathe them, and they do not bite unless you provoke them.  All in all they are a lot of fun!  Did you know that a group of ferrets is called a business?  So we can safely say that we run more than one business!

Well, that’s a little about us!  Hope I was able to paint a small picture of who we are.

To see some of our work, visit www.JacobStudios.com



  1. Hi Ian,

    It’s Todd from church, I scheduled to meet with you tomorrow, Monday, at 4 in the afternoon. I’m sorry but I was hoping it would be ok if we rescheduled for another day. After noticing that I have some work that’s due tomorrow night, I realized I need that time in the afternoon to do it. I’m sorry if it’s any inconvenience, and I hope to reschedule soon.

    Thank you,
    Todd Lowen

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