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Gotta Love A Newborn

Who doesn’t love a newborn baby?  Below are some photos of baby Connor.  He gave us a tough time at first but after he settled down we were able to capture some really awesome images!  A big thanks goes out to his parents for allowing us to photograph him!  Enjoy!

Baby in a wagon!

Such cute little hands!

This Mickey Mouse outfit was awesome!!! Check out the tail!!!

Smile 8)

And the toes!!!

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I love how elegant the following shots of Kaitlyn are.  She has a more traditional style and fits a more elegant mood than most seniors.  Her images were more fitting for black & white or sepia tones than bright and crazy colors.  My favorite is probably the first one. Enjoy!


Love the architecture of this place!

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Sunglasses & Cars, where my dreams are…

Everyone needs a good pair of shades, especially myself, being an artist and having sensitive blue eyes!  They are a must!  Of course a nice ride is something we would all love to have to.  Well, we were able to photograph Evan in front of a sick Corvette with his stylin’ sunglasses and got some great photos.  Oh yeah, and there’s a few other shots too!  Hope you like em!

Rockin the Shades and the Ride

I love the way the brick pops in this photo

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I love working with great models!!!

Here are some photos of April.  She was an awesome model!!!  Seriously, a stand out.  I even had a hard time choosing favorite images from her session, there were so many good ones! Anyhow, I hope you like them as much as I do, thanks again April!!!

And que the fan!

Love the colors in this one!



Strike a pose!


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Sunglasses are key!

Hey everyone.  Below are some images of Caleb.  He brought some aviator sunglasses along for his session and we got some pretty cool shots with em.  However, I think my favorite shot is the black and white with him looking away.  There is just something about it.  Hope you like em, we are gonna keep cranking them out and posting them for your viewing pleasure!

Love the horizon in his Glasses

The Black & White I mentioned. Love it!

Panoramic portrait por favor!

More killer sunglasses!

Gotta love the smiles!

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Beautiful, simply beautiful…

Here below are a few seniors we recently photographed.  Sydney and Rebekah, both of them are beautiful and it shows.  With Rebekah’s hair being bright red, we decided to try and use a red theme throughout and the colors really pop!  We got some great shots.  Sydney is so tall she could be a model.  I really love all the images of her in the blue suede dress.  They contrast perfectly with all the yellow.  Photographing models as beautiful as these is like shooting fish in a barrel!  Thanks ladies!

Sydney, I love this shot!

The wind worked in our favor here!

Love the colors in this one!

This pose is really cool, high-fashion style


One of my fav's from Rebekah's Session

This shot was so much fun!

I love all the colors in this shot!

Rebekah was a lot of fun to work with!

Work it!

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Seniors & Cars

Had a great session with Justin, below are some of my fav’s.  We found this sick Corvette while we were on location and took a few images in front of it.  Seniors and hot cars always go well together!  Hope you like em, I’m off to another shoot!!!

Justin & the Vette

Cool graffiti wall

We photographed in front of some really cool architecture

The Agent in Black

I love the way his blue shirt contrasts with the warm walls & brick

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Senior Season is on!

Hello, welcome back, and how ya doin?  I have really been enjoying photographing the FBC seniors this season.  They have been awesome models and are providing us with great images for the upcoming season.  Below are Lauren’s images.  We tried a new location and got some really cool shots, check out the images with the doors.  She was a good model too, it makes my job easy when my subjects know how to pose themselves and are comfortable in front of the camera.  It makes for great images too!  Hope you like em!

Lauren at the new location

Great light at this spot!

More fun at the new location

Red just kinda ended up being the theme for the session

Aren't these doors cool! Especially with a great model!

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Another FBC Senior!

Hello again.  Happy Rainy Thursday!  Don’t you all wish we could just take the day off and cosy up at home with a nice cup of joe when it rains?  I sure do.  Anyhow, below are a few of Renata’s photos, another senior from FBC WPB.  I really like the way her photos turned out, she was a great model!  I was able to do more “high fashion” posing with her.  Hope you guys like em’ as much as I do!!!

Renata, workin' it! This one is my fav!

gotta love painted walls


The Next Soccer Star

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George & Desiree

Here are a couple of good friends of ours.  They are getting married in March and we wanted to take em out for a photo session.  We visited some really cool locations on Palm Beach to photograph couples at. Hope you like em!

"The Make-Out Nook"

Red is for Passion!

Love, Sweet Love

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